SriLanKan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines

The national airline of Sri Lanka, SriLankan Airlines has been operating in Hong Kong for quite some time, but the awareness of its represented country is still relatively low. With the new direct flights between Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, SriLankan Airlines believes it is time to relish its ambitious goal of raising greater presence in the China region.


2017 Hong Kong International Travel Expo is the biggest annual B2B and B2C event in the industry. With the history of having low number of visitors to the booth, SriLankan Airlines wanted to do something out of the ordinary and to create a memorable experience for everyone who visited the booth.


In addition to the booth design, Blue Lemon came up with a simple but yet, refreshing idea of an interactive screen. In order to represent the deep culture of Sri Lanka, a talent was orchestrated behind the screen, dressed up in a traditional Sri Lankan theatre costume with a Gini-Jala Mask on. From the first glance, visitors who walked past would assume only a pre-recorded video was being played on screen, but then a huge surprise came when the talent started to make conversations with the visitors. Such interactions had sparked enormous curiosities to the visitors and showed that the talent was not merely a video player. The staff from SriLankan Airlines were then able to follow up the sales process with the audience.


Overall, the exhibition was a success. We were able to help them to attract the largest crowd in recent years to date. Social sharing of images/ videos were posted throughout the web and on many different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


To Blue Lemon, the effectiveness of an idea should not be judged purely by its complexity. In fact, sometimes- the simpler, the better.


Please check out the video from above!